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In Episode II, Senator Amidala comes across as the seasoned cold-hearted manipulator of an innocent young Jedi. Anakin is not experienced in the world of dating. He is in a an organization that practices celibacy. The innocent Anakin only remembers Amidala in his dreams. The mistake Anakin makes is not changing the image he has imagined in his mind about Amidala. The vixen Amidala, upon seeing the rift between Obi-Wan and Anakin, plans to take her mark. It shows so obviously by the fact that Amidala is clothed covering everything while in public; but alone with Anakin, she shows off her body more.

Amidala tempts Anakin by her lack of clothing then meanly pushes him away. Amidala gives this kiss and pulls back so quickly that it is just like getting only one potato chip. It is cruel to the guy. This kiss I would gladly give to Anakin and continue kissing until Anakin pulls away. I would follow Anakin's lead here. If things went further, well, I would not complain.

All the time, Amidala pokes and jabs at Anakin, constantly hurting his feelings. Anakin, on the other hand, was praising her and was very nice. Amidala constantly belittles Anakin's manhood by calling him "Ani" which sounds like a girl's name. He would always be called Anakin to me. If a woman puts down a person's manhood, she does not love him. In the scene where Obi-Wan and Anakin are about to separate, Amidala dares and pokes Anakin as a man by saying, "My Jedi protector has to prove how good he is." Then later, she says, "He's just a padawan learner;" embarrassing Anakin in public. No man likes to be put down in front of people. At the picnic scene, Amidala talks about how handsome her former boyfriend is, not even noticing or mentioning how handsome Anakin is. Amidala suddenly pretends that she deeply loves Anakin when they are about to be eaten in the Geonosis stadium. She is obviously a real South Carolina woman.

You wish you can be right there with Anakin when he loses his mother, to help him slice sand people and then comfort Anakin after the battle. Here is where Anakin is like a Viet Nam vet. Finally a sympathetic civilian view of the Viet Nam vet is put on screen. I wanted to shoot Amidala for looking down her dippy-hippy stuck-up nose when Anakin tells her he killed all the sand people. If Amidala really loved Anakin, she would have said they deserved it for killing Anakin's mother. When Anakin cries upon telling Amidala what he had done, this was the expression of normal human emotions. I know hardened Viet Nam vets who cried at the killing of the whole village in Vietnam. If Anakin did not cry at so young an age, you would think him non-human and cold-hearted like people of today who act like insects rather than humans.

Padme's heart lies with Obi-Wan not Anakin because she sees Obi-Wan on the sly without Anakin being present. When people are married and the friend of the family is a single guy, the couple always sees the man together. They would have dinner as a threesome, go bowling, etc. But, if a single guy sees a married woman when the husband is out, it is obvious there is a secret relationship. Padme also refers to a love that never took place. When Padme tells Anakin to remember the love they shared by the lake, the whole time by the lake she pushed Anakin away. Then, when she discovers Obi-Wan intends to kill Anakin, Padme feigns concern; but in the last analysis, when Padme sees Obi-Wan at the doorway of her ship, Padme makes no attempt to stop Obi-Wan. Vader then chokes her. Due to his first choke attempt using the Force, it is clumsy; and the target takes a long time to die. The reason I believe Padme dies from the Vader choke and not a broken heart as the droid told Obi-Wan, is because a droid just runs programs and cannot be programmed to have a sixth sense. Only a living organism could feel the Force, not a machine. So, our reliable source is Palpatine who obviously sensed Padme being choked by Vader and her life force leave her. Remember Palpatine said to Vader, "You killed her in your anger."

Because Padme betrays Anakin, and unfortunately Lucas did not provide Anakin with a secret lover provided by Palpatine, we never get to see Palpatine use this spectacular Sith magic that Palpatine himself referred to at the opera. Too bad, that would have been so cool. Ian McDiarmid would have performed that well. It would have been nice to see a secret of Palpatine on screen.

Also one can wonder why Padme when dead still looks pregnant. According to this book on the making of Episode III, Lucas wanted Padme to still look pregnant. Was Lucas saying that was Obi-Wan's child that did not come out due to the fact the mother was dead? In esoteric symbolism, babies have to due with your merger with the Force. In earth symbolism, Obi-Wan is denied an offspring. If it was Obi-Wan's child, then Padme was cheating on Anakin. This would certainly make Anakin angry. In America, if girl is caught cheating, someone gets a double-barrel shotgun in the face. The one who is cheated gets revenge.

The fact that Padme and Anakin keep secrets from one another shows there is a falseness to their relationship. Padme asks, "When are we going to start being honest with each other?" Lovers should know each other well and not keep secrets or lie to each other. Padme does not really love Anakin since she is too ashamed to kiss and touch in public as Anakin started to. Padme's thoughts were only about what it looks like. Considering they were forced to be separated for an extended period of time, both of them should have got lost in each other and realized only when other beings around started to gawk and murmur.

Padme in Episode III is still a South Carolina woman because she uses her love to control Anakin and tries to get Anakin to manipulate Palpatine for her. Luckily Anakin says no and tells her to go through proper channels. Padme's manipulation skills are perfected because she can seem as loving and smooth as anyone who grew up in the 1930's and 1940's. America in those days had such thick facades, you would believe this is some sort of paradise until you dig beneath the surface of the society and find hidden abuses and rot. Today people wear their dog-eat-dog ways on their sleeve. Then, they used all the right words and perfume but were just as competitive. Smooth as silk, so to speak, so it is with Padme in Episode III.

Palpatine did not double-cross Anakin when he promised to keep the lovers together because Padme herself refused to follow Vader. Padme chose to side with Obi-Wan, thus being in fact an enemy and not a friend. Padme and Anakin were too different from each other. Their relationship only lasted as long as it did because during most of it, they are separated due to their busy schedules. If Padme and Anakin slowed down and lived in the same quarters, their differences would come out and end in divorce.

Padme was a pacifist hippy type who loved the anarchic republic. Anakin was a warrior patriot type who felt tortured by the feeble republic. Anakin dreamed of peace through law and order and a big powerful government with the might to enforce the peace. When Anakin touts the republic line in episode III, it is because of the strong mind-control and brainwash the Jedi have over him. Remember in Episode II, at the picnic scene, Anakin clearly stated ("If it works") meaning he preferred dictatorship. These feelings are merely stuffed.