Marty Heresniak, B.M., M.M

voice teacher

79 Hudson Heights
Ithaca, NY 14850


member National Association of Teachers of Singing
Central New York Association of Music Teachers

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Learn basic sight reading and ear training in a seven week small group setting.
Classes meet daily. Yes, Every Weekday.
(We will find a time of day that works for everyone and
I arrange my daily schedules around the class.)

For those who may have had a bad experience trying to read music before,
you need not fear this course.
Music reading experience not required.
Itís easier than you may think!

The curriculum is designed to approach a single concept at a time.
For a week we read only pitches and only in C major.
For two weeks we add rhythms but remain in C major.
After a week of interval recognition we start to change key.

First class meets 23 June.
Last class 8 August.
No class 4 July, 17 July or 18 July.
Registration Deadline: 16 June 2014

Only $250 per person for thirty-two sessions, which includes book costs.
At that price you canít afford not to learn to read.