Marty Heresniak, B.M., M.M

voice teacher

79 Hudson Heights
Ithaca, NY 14850


member National Association of Teachers of Singing
Central New York Association of Music Teachers

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Over the years former students have checked in while attempting to find another teacher after leaving the area.
Teachers from Australia to California contacted me to consult about their non-pitch matching bluebirds.
Singers with medical problems have sought pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation.
Some with transient vocal issues have asked how best to treat symptoms.
Performers on the opposite coast have asked about coaching particular pieces.

And now here we are in the Twenty-First Century.

Thanks to Claire Lynch nudging me to do it and to Doug Robinson facilitating the how,
I can now offer lessons via real time video over skype.

Former students can check in for a tune-up.

Singers with particular performance problems can consult in real time:
often what you think is the problem is really a symptom of an underlying, far more basic problem.

Those with functional problems can get an idea of what is wrong and how to fix it.

Medical professionals can consult from their offices with their patients present.


Skype lessons are $65 per 50-minute hour.
That is a little more than the in-studio cost, true.
The extra covers the Paypal fees taken from what you pay.



Look at my online schedule and find a lesson time that works for you.

I am in the Eastern Time Zone. If there is a difference in times, you have to work that out. I will meet you online at any time listed. No, I shall not be the one getting up in the middle of the night.


Contact me via email at least four days before the lesson time you've found.

Do not send a request to add you as a contact via Skype.
Such requests are always blocked.

I often schedule one-time make-up lessons in random times, so I might have something scheduled in that time and need to re-schedule it. I may rarely, need to refuse your chosen time.

I will respond to your email to confirm the time.


When I confirm the Skype lesson time, please make your payment via Paypal. It should clear in the three days before your lesson.


When I confirm that Paypal has received your payment I will send a contact request to you via Skype.


When it's time for the online session, you should call me via Skype. All sessions start at 15 minutes past the hour.