You've stumbled upon my online lyrics spreadsheet.

I created this in a hidden portion of my personal website for my personal use
when I lead song programs at senior living centers.
It allows me to log onto the internet and project lyrics for the educational use
of helping residents with memory problems.

You'll note the layout allows all the lyrics to be read without scrolling the screen:
when I'm playing piano for the residents I don't have a free hand to work a mouse.

Part of my programs at gerontology centers is jogging those participants' memories.
Thus, I have not included authorship information on the lyrics pages.

After singing a song we quiz ourselves on who wrote it, what it's from, and who made it famous;
checking our answers by clicking the CREDITS tab.

Unlike sites that list songs by who sang them,
I am concerned with the creative talents, composers and lyricists, who wrote them.