Marty Heresniak, B.M., M.M

voice teacher

79 Hudson Heights
Ithaca, NY 14850


member National Association of Teachers of Singing

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The purely capitalist view.

No matter how involved we become in aesthetic endeavors, it is important to remember that this is how I make my living. Like any good business, I must adhere to certain established procedures and policies.


Lessons are a fifty-minute hour. Lessons are scheduled weekly, at established times, at fifteen minutes after the hour (xx:15) between 10:15 am and 8:15 pm (per a clause in my studio lease). I do not teach on Mondays. Changes in scheduled time can occasionally be made to accommodate conflicts that may occur.

Lessons every other week or at other intervals - as some will suggest to save on expense - are not advisable, as experience has shown that much is lost in the elapsed time. More than one lesson a week is highly inadvisable, as only the very rarest of students can absorb the lesson's contents and make it his own in so short a time. In over forty years of teaching I have not yet had such a student.

Studio workshops, classes, and other group events are scheduled by mutual convenience, usually on weekend afternoons, but such event are etreemely rare since I've downsized my life. Charges for these extra events may incur for hiring musicians or halls.

My annual teaching schedule divides into three trimesters. Winter session starts the first week of January. The summer session begins around the first of May. Autumn session starts approximately the last week of August through late December. Lesson times are set at the turn of the trimester.


Lessons may be paid in cash or by check. Local checks are preferred. For the first month, whilst we discover if we are a good teacher/student match, lessons are paid individually each week. After that first month lessons are paid on a per-month basis. Payment for the month is due at the last lesson of the previous month.

Public school students and matriculated college students may take advantage of a 20% student discount. I sometimes offer other discounts through various local media, these may be applied as they occur.


I have developed some random allergies over the last few years and must now insist that students not use any colognes, perfumes, shampoos (especially Herbal Essence), conditioners, body washes, and other commercially scented products. Some of these can trigger a migraine headache while others cause a lingering congestion and cough. Please do not use these cleansers or conditioners on the day of your lesson.

If you arrive with the scent on you I will have to ask you to leave.

I encourage all to avoid smoking, but I understand the addictive properties of nicotine. If you do smoke, please don't smoke the day of your lesson.

A ticklish throat or sniffles may not necessarily be reason to miss a lesson. There are many things we can work on that circumvent such problems. Some technical work can actually help a head cold. Severe illness, such as would have a student under a doctor's care or which is highly contagious, is good reason to postpone.


Lessons are not canceled. Anyone calling with a "can't make it this week" will forfeit the payment for the missed lesson. Lessons must sometimes be postponed. It is your responsibility to reschedule. I will do everything possible to help you reschedule at a mutually convenient time within a few days of the lesson. If we speak at the time of the postponement, you should be prepared to reschedule at that time. If the postponement is via a message by e-mail or voice mail, I shall return your message to reschedule.

Lessons are not ‘rolled over’ to the next week or month. If you missed a lesson in one month, you still will have and pay for all the regular lessons for the next month, plus schedule an extra lesson for the make up.

Twenty-four hours' notice should be given on all postponements. If I am unable to make a lesson and fail to give you twenty-four hours' notice, your next lesson is at no charge.
If you postpone a lesson and fail to give me twenty-four hours' notice, you forfeit the fee for that lesson.

Emergencies do come up. They can be accommodated. This is Ithaca: weather is the most usual reason for a postponement. Considering the lack of warning on some of our winter storms, the twenty-four hour notice is not graven in stone for weather related postponements.


Effective January 2016.
Subject to change at first of calendar year.

$60 per 50-minute hour.
($48 with student discount.)