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A Special Weekend Workshop

January 2008 Session
cancelled for insufficient enrollment

This all-day workshop is designed in response to requests from several friends and colleagues who often have to speak in public and don't use their voices as well as they would like.

Are you an Attorney? Politician? Teacher? Lecturer? Salesperson? Do you have trouble being heard? Are you often asked to repeat yourself? No matter what your particular discipline, if you speak for a living, this workshop will help you find your naturally full speaking voice.

Those who often experience vocal fatigue, hoarseness, soreness, or other vocal problems will also find solutions to some of their problems.

"The first time I talked to Marty he only heard my voice over the phone and said, I know exactly what your problem is' and ... he was right. A few tips on posture and breathing and I had my voice back. "
Laurie Rubin,
public school teacher
New York

Sessions run from morning to early evening, so the day includes morning coffee and a nosh, catered lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Each participant also receives a coupon for a follow-up private session two months after the workshop to see how the methods are working and make individual adjustments.

The day breaks down into progressive sections, each dealing with a specific aspect of the voice. In each section participants learn various theories and put them into practice.

"I had always had trouble using my public voice correctly, as it would easily tire and weaken. When I lost my voice as a result of strenuous singing in mid-summer 2003, I was silent for three months I didn't think I would ever have the vocal strength to return to my career as a teacher. I was wrong.
"I began lessons with Marty and within the first ten minutes he showed me that my injury was a result of a weak and improper use of the muscles involved in speaking/singing. He came to my rescue to teach me how to heal my strained voice and how to speak with more strength and clarity. We worked together during the following months to relearn the way to use my voice. It was great to be able to talk again, and even better to have the tools to continue to teach. Marty's lessons saved my singing voice as well as my teaching career."

Matthew Vendryes,
primary school teacher and singer
New York


We will begin with obligatory introductions and then discuss mechanics. A new driver would not begin without knowing what the brake, gas and steering wheel all do. We will look at the voice and its parts and find out how it works. (In my experience at least 75% of my new students have completely erroneous ideas of how the voice works.) We will discover how the voice can be hindered, and how to find its efficiency and efficacy.


After coffee and a nosh we will look into the effects of body position on the voice. Just as your car won't drive effectively with a misaligned chassis, so, too, the voice will work best when the body is in a relaxed, open, and erect posture.

"What I remember the most of my work with you was that I learned how to identify the problems that I had and how to fix them. I learned the difference between using my voice in the incorrect and then correct manner, and learning what that difference felt like. That technique has really stuck with me, not only in identifying and amending my own vocal problems as they arise but in teaching my clients to recognize efficient versus incorrect body use."
Tom Szy,
physical therapist


A catered lunch is followed by a session exploring breath. Sure, we all think we know how to breathe, after all, we do it all day every day, but breath for speaking is managed, not just inhaled and exhaled. We will learn the respiration musculature, of which so many are not aware, as well as the relaxation of muscles that are not needed for respiration. As much as is possible, the new ideas will be tied into disciplines or talents the participants already understand.


One last session will address the fear factor and performance nerves. No matter how much you may know about making voice flow easily and richly, if a freeze of nerves happens, nothing will work well. We will discuss the physiology of the stress mechanism and how it can manipulated and brought under conscious control.

"Your training has been invaluable for my career. Though I left Ithaca twelve years ago, your lessons continue to provide me with the skills and knowledge to continue to use my voice effectively today. As an attorney who is constantly arguing positions in Court, the ability to project a strong, confident voice has been a vital asset to me and, ultimately, to the success of my cases."
Daniel Kraft,
New Jersey

As we move from section to section, we also move from venue to venue, learning to speak and fill progressively larger rooms. Participants will be provided with readings, but may also bring the materials they must present in their jobs.

"Marty's technique and observation skills are invaluable to new and experienced speakers. Seek to be heard and to preserve your voice!"
Noha Abou-Madi,
Diplomate - American College of Zoological Medicine
New York

$175 for the day.
9:00am-6:00pm, Saturday, 26 January 2008
At Ithaca's Unitarian Church

PLEASE pre-register by 10 January 2008.
I have lots of planning to do for all and for each.

Did you miss pre-registration? Contact me. There may be a solution.
Or would you like a special section just for your group?
Ask about a group rate.